Guess the winner, be rewarded with $BTE!

Actually, BTE is not providing a betting service. It is totally free to play 'prediction' game. Plus, it is a passive income generator. All you have to do buying a NFT (Betting Slip) in return 10K $BTE token and keeping it on your wallet! Then, join our daily competitions in the game. Really unbelieveble, huh?

How It Works

Earning Daily Coins has never been this exciting

Even if you make at least 1 (one) correct guess in 10 competitions, you can claim your winnings from the daily 'Prize Pool'. Rewards ensure correct guesses among all eligible holders receive 100 BTE for 1 ticket. A multiplier is then applied based on the level of the ticket each user has. For example, for 1 contest won on a level 5 ticket you will earn 500 BTE, more contests won will take you and your economy into space.

Buy a ticket with your BTE tokens

You can level up a ticket when you spend 10,000 BTE.

Don't forget to place your bets!

You have the right to participate in 10 competitions every day.

Rewards Distributions

Your earnings will reflect within five hours of the end of the last contest. You can withdraw your winnings from the withdrawal menu in your wallet.

Referral Income

Bet to Earn is more than a token project, every contest won here earns you $BTE. There is also a reference system available.

When the people who participate in the application register with the reference link, the reference owner receives 10% and the registered 5% instant reference income.

You can stake your $BTE Tokens to get more Game Token in our pools rather than just holding them in your wallet.

Main Features

Transparency, Security and Trust are Our Keywords

Keeping the project and all investments safe and being tranparency on all issues our first priority.

We put an end to Inflation.

In order to prevent inflation, 50% of the cost of each ticket is burned, 35% is transferred to the prize pool, 15% is fed to the system as reference earnings.

Daily Rewards Distribution

If you become eligable to receive rewards on daily competitions, you earn daily passive incomes.

Safety First

Tokens in your prize pool will be added to non-retractable contracts. In this way, the funds are always safe.


We have removed the biggest obstacle to the increase of the token and made the purchase tax 0%. Sales tax will also be only 10% and 90% will be used for Marketing.


  • 5%Team Shares
  • 52%Reward Pool
  • 17.15%LP
  • 25%Fair Launch
  • 0.85%Reserved

    Reward Pool will be locked in the game smart contract and be withdrawable by users in the amount of what they earned in the daily competitions.

    Reserved: 500,000 tokens were paid as pinksale commission. 350,000 tokens will be used for strategic partnerships. is only 0.85% of the supply.

Maximum Cap: 100.000.000 $BTE
  • 0%Buy Tax
  • 10%Sell Tax
  • 10%Transfer Tax

Keep in mind that there is 20% Sell Tax on first day of the launch because of ANTI-DUMPING system enabled. Sell Tax will keep slightly decreasing until to 10% day by day and it will be completed a week. In short, you can start to sell your assets with 10% tax after a week passed of the launch. Buy tax is 0% all time.

Road Map

Our Strategy & Roadmap

Monotonectally productivate virtual benefits vis-a-vis clicks ship. Seamlessly generate user friendly

December 2021


  • Creating the Idea
  • Making future plans
  • Stablishing the core team
  • January 2022


  • Preparing ICO website
  • Preparing backend and frontend of the first game
  • February 2022

    Smart Contracts

  • Developing smart contracts
  • Make tests of smart contract
  • 2w/ July 2022

  • Starting game alpha tests with core team members
  • 1w/ July 2022

    Fair Lunch

  • Deploying All Contracts
  • Fair Lunch @ Pinksale

    3/w July 2022


  • Starting trade on PCS
  • Starting game on our platform
  • First rewards distribution
  • Aug 2022

    Updating Roadmap

    Roadmap of our future plans will be announced


    Stay Update With Us